At Emma Street, we pride ourselves on creating dresses with the finest quality and attention to detail for our clientele. To help ensure that you are buying an authentic Emma Street dress and not a fake or counterfeit dress, please do the following:
1. Check our Where to Buy section to find if the store is authorized to sell authentic Emma Street dresses.
2. Consider the price. As Emma Street dresses require expert craftsmanship and high quality materials, be very cautious if you find a store or website selling ” Emma Street” dresses at huge discounts. If you suspect a store is selling fake Emma Street, please contact to verify if they are authorized to sell Emma Street.
3. Be wary of online stores without addresses, phone numbers or any way of contacting them.
If you suspect a store of selling fake Emma Street dresses, please contact Emma Street at
Counterfeit websites and stores are designed to steal from both the designer and the customer as the knock-off dresses are made with inferior quality materials in the poorest of conditions such as illegal sweatshops using slave or child labor.
Counterfeiting is often tied to organized crime and/or funding terrorism. Make sure you are not being cheated or hurting others by purchasing authentic Emma Street dresses only from authorized stores.